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Free Market Music FLAC

Artysta: IdiotHead

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2012 Inline Underground

1. 01 - IdiotHead -Mucus 0.00 zł
2. 02 - IdiotHead - Free Market Music 0.00 zł
3. 03 - IdiotHead - Ddelayed Molting 0.00 zł
4. 04 - IdiotHead - Karen Pommeroy 0.00 zł
5. 05 - IdiotHead - FOPS 0.00 zł
6. 06 - IdiotHead - Idiothead Defined 0.00 zł
7. 07 - IdiotHead - Free Market Music (Iggy Gruszecki remix) 0.00 zł
8. 08 - IdiotHead - Free Market Music (Bipolar Bears remix) 0.00 zł

proudly presents,
the "Free Market Music" EP.

1. Mucus
music & lyrics by d'

2. Free Market Music
music & lyrics by d'

3. Delayed Molting
music by Raf Zaremba, lyrics by Gregoire Fray and d'
guest vocals by Grťgoire Fray of Thot

4. Karen Pommeroy
music & lyrics by d'

5. Fucking Orthodox Pieces of Shit
music by d' & Raf Zaremba, lyrics by d'

6. Idiothead Defined
music by Raf Zaremba & d', lyrics by d'
guest guitar & noise by Kuba Mitoraj of Bipolar Bears

7. Free Market Music [Iggy Gruszecki remix]
music & lyrics by d'

8. Free Market Music [Bipolar Bears remix]
music by d', Kuba Mitoraj, Hedejk & Grzes Posluszny,
lyrics still by d'

This is a short album, not a 'demo' or whatever you might call something
you can download for free and is not released by a major label.

All recordings have been made at the CO.IN. & Aeon studios
between January 2011 and February 2012.
The album has been produced by d' & Raf Zaremba,
except 7 - produced by Iggy Gruszecki and 8 - produced by Bipolar Bears.

Cover art by Agnieszka Kaczmarek.

IdiotHead is:
d', Sylwia Kaminska, Raf Zaremba and Patryk Mrozinski.
Gregoire Fray appears on kind courtesy of THOT.

This EP is a concept-album dedicated to everyone who wishes to say
"Fuck you all, I know what I'm doing" to the world, whether you are
a teen, a so called grown-up or a member of the elderly,
however you still have clear vision and pride.

The band would like to thank: themselves and eachother, Marek Maciag
(who basically runs the band, thanks bro), Iza Cichonska, Rad Spanier,
Wojtek Pajak Robaczysko Stryjewski, Gregoire Fray, Iggy Gruszecki, Hedejk,
Kuba Mitoraj, Agnieszka Kaczmarek, Alex Beryll, Olek Mika.

Love and respect to the following bands: C.A.L.M., THOT, Hetane,
The Hangovers, Bipolar Bears, Chico and Presidents of Noise
- do yourself a favour and listen to their stuff.

d' dedicates 'Karen Pommeroy' to his girl Asia, a one in a million,
strong and in-fucking-dependent woman, to remind her to always
stay who she is because that's more than enough and far more than
the world deserves.

IdiotHead would collectively like to thank all members of CO.IN.
(present and past) for a great ten-year run. Love and respect
to you all!

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